Tehama County Fire Department

Cooperative Fire Protection with CAL FIRE Since 1927

The following steps must be completed prior to becoming a Tehama County Volunteer Firefighter:
Application Process:
1. Complete volunteer application and return to Tehama County Fire, 604 Antelope Blvd., Red Bluff, CA 96080
2. The volunteer Chief and company in your area approve your application (Allow approximately 1-2 weeks).
3. A driver’s license/DMV check will be initiated. (Allow approximately 1-2 weeks.)
4. A Live Scan Fingerprinting with the Tehama County Sheriff Department will be scheduled.
5. The Battalion Chief reviews your application, DMV report and Live Scan.
6. If the Battalion Chief approves your application, a physical/RPP appointment will be scheduled with    ROMC ​(Redding Occupational  Medical Center). You will be notified of the date and time.If you can not  make the appointment that has been scheduled for you, you will need to contact the training secretary at  528-5199 to reschedule.
7. Once the physical is cleared you will be fit tested for the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
8. After the steps above have been completed, you and the Company Chief will be sent a letter stating you are “Training Active” and have been placed on the insurance roster.
9. The 32-hour Basic Operations and 24-hour Hazardous Materials and 4-hour Communicable Disease  classes are required prior to becoming a responding “active” volunteer. In the interim you will be  “training active”. Please contact the training department at 530-528-5199 for the next available class  schedule. Contact the unit FLO at the above number to make an appointment to be fitted and to receive  your gear and pager.
10. Once you have passed your physical/RPP and successfully completed the 32-hour Basic Operations,  the 24-hour Hazardous Materials and the 4-hour Communicable Disease training classes, we will send  you and your Chief a letter stating that you are an active volunteer.Note: If volunteers do not pass the  Basic Operations class all gear must be turned in to the instructor prior to leaving class.
Additional Application Approval ​Information:

You must be in contact with the Volunteer Chief of the company you will be participating in. They will inform you of any further information you may need to complete the application process.
Mandated Tehama County Volunteer Firefighter Training:
In addition to the Basic Operations class and the Hazardous Materials class, you are also required to attend the following classes within one year of becoming an active volunteer.
 20-hour Public Safety First Aid/ (Full Class)
 8-hour C.P.R. (Full Class)

TCFD Volunteers are Required to Attend Annual Training to Remain an Active Member:
You must also keep your re-certifications and your yearly RPP review current to continue being an active member of the Tehama County Fire Department.
 4-hour Public Safety First Aid (Recert)
 2-hour Communicable Disease Awareness (Recert)
 4-hour C.P.R. (Recert) 8-hour Hazardous Materials FRO (Recert)
 RPP Annual Review (physical will be at discretion of ROMC after review of your Medical questionnaire.

​Training Required to Become a Tehama County Fire Department Driver/Operator:
 Pass DMV Fire Fighter exempt written Exam
 Complete Emergency Vehicle Operation Course
​ Complete Pump Operations Course